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Our Team.

At Flame Spitter, our team is the real spice behind our success! Without Mitchell's incredible employees, we'd just be a bunch of hot ideas with no sauce to back them up. From taste-testers who've braved the heat to the office hot sauce aficionado who's secretly plotting world domination one chili at a time, we've got a cast of characters that could rival any sitcom. Our office antics are almost as sizzling as our sauces, and we firmly believe that laughter is the secret ingredient to our fiery concoctions. So, here's to our incredible team who keeps the flames burning and the laughter flowing!


Story..... is actually a very lenghty story. But this basically sums it up in a couple of paragraphs


Our first ever labels!

Get to Know Us!

In April 2021, two local boys, Mitchell and Codie, embarked on a journey to create something special, and little did they know that their fun little venture would grow into something much larger than their wildest dreams.

As the story goes, Codie eventually chose to pursue his passion for music, leaving the business in Mitchell's capable hands. Mitchell, fueled by determination and newfound sobriety, led the company from its modest beginnings in 16 locations to an impressive presence in over 120 locations today.

Our journey took an exciting turn when Jena Weatherall joined us while Codie was still part of the business, initially contributing a friendship recipe that still graces our bottle labels. We keep the original label on our wall and revisit it from time to time to remind ourselves of our humble beginnings. Jena, we can't thank you enough for being a part of our story.

At heart, we're all about adding a dash of silliness to the world of sauces, and you'll find that spirit embodied in our playful bottle designs featuring cute monsters. Welcome to our world of flavor and fun, where every drop of sauce tells a story!

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