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Picard's Hot Ghost Pepper Chip Nuts

Picard's Hot Ghost Pepper Chip Nuts

SKU: 046694044371

Picard's Hot Ghost Pepper Chip Nuts are a flavor explosion that will ignite your taste buds with an irresistible combination of heat and crunch. These daring snacks begin with premium nuts, perfectly roasted to a golden, crispy perfection. But it's the transformative addition of ghost pepper seasoning that takes them to a whole new level. As you pop one into your mouth, you'll first notice the hearty, earthy flavor of the nuts, followed swiftly by an intense wave of fiery heat from the ghost pepper. The heat isn't overpowering but rather a tantalizing crescendo that builds with every bite. It's the kind of spicy that keeps you coming back for more, daring you to embrace the burn. The fusion of rich nuttiness and fiery spice creates a sensory experience that's as addictive as it is memorable. Whether enjoyed as an audacious standalone snack or used to add a fiery kick to your culinary creations, Picard's Hot Ghost Pepper Chip Nuts are a must-try for anyone seeking an exhilarating taste adventure. Beware, though – once you've tasted them, you'll be hooked on the captivating heat and crunch of these exceptional nuts.

  • Package Contents/Specs

    May Contain: Milk, Tree, Nuts, Mustard, and Egg.
    260 g

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