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Van Holten's Hot Mama

Van Holten's Hot Mama

SKU: 038200000926

Meet Hot Mama, the undeniable matriarch of the pickle world. Van Holten's Hot Mama is not your average pickle; she's bold, daring, and tantalizingly spicy. Crafted with a perfect balance of heat and flavor, this zesty pickle will set your taste buds ablaze with every crunchy bite. Whether you savor it straight from the pouch or pair it with your favorite dishes, Hot Mama adds a sizzling kick to any meal. With her sassy attitude and fiery personality, she's the pickle you won't forget. Get ready for a flavor adventure that's anything but ordinary with Van Holten's Hot Mama!

  • Package Contents/Specs

    1 Pickle

    Fat Free
    Low Calorie
    Low Carb
    Gluten Free


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